Chuck Wilsker, Virtual Technology & Advocacy

Mr. Wilsker is the President, CEO and co-founder of the Telework Coalition (TelCoa), a nonprofit association headquartered in Washington, D.C., that works both nationally and internationally supporting and enabling the advancement of virtual, mobile, and distributed work through research, education, technology, partnerships, and legislation. Wilsker has been involved with telework and telecommuting for almost two decades. His role on The HUB at La Plata team includes building relationships with decision-makers and influencers to help promote The HUB as a beneficial development for government agencies, corporations and organizations to consider for their employees and worksites. The mixed-use development is slated to incorporate all the elements — housing, businesses and recreational and green spaces — that make communities sustainable and desirable while reducing traffic congestion and the increased pollution that it causes.

“La Plata has the opportunity to be a legacy leader in this realm and The HUB at La Plata hopes to provide a vision that benefits the town and its residents. Telework is a quick, effective and inexpensive means of providing employment opportunities to a large number of workers. This comprises: those in the government and corporate sectors; college-educated millennials the community would like to keep in Charles County; highly skilled specialists; and those who previously commuted long distances.

Telework is also beneficial for residents in rural areas, people who are disabled or caregivers, and entrepreneurs who require flexible schedules and access. Telecommunities are places that ensure business continuity, aid in traffic mitigation, improve the environment, increase an employer’s bottom line, and help people achieve the balance they want in their lives.”