The land for the proposed development, The HUB at La Plata, is under consideration for annexation by the Town of La Plata. The applicant is the Hawthorne Rosewick Limited Partnership.

The HUB Team is providing the following answers for what we consider likely Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). There will be a process, as required by state law, for citizens to provide feedback. We are asking you to review the information we provide, and to support this pioneering mixed-use project.

We believe The HUB at La Plata has your best interests at heart because our interests also reflect the things that matter to people in this area: Economic growth and prosperity. Good jobs based locally. Being able to work at or near where you live. High-quality neighborhoods with parks, diverse amenities and open space. Healthy buildings and sustainable resources. Walkable and interconnected neighborhoods. Places for all kinds of people — families, retirees, federal workers, skilled tradespeople and professionals, and educated millennials — to live and thrive.

Answers to each individual question can be found by clicking on the red links.


Q: What are Traditional Planning Principles and how do they inform The HUB at La Plata and this proposed, mixed-use development?

Q: What are some key facts and data related to the project? (Note: We are providing projections here and this information is subject to change as the project progresses.)

Q: What is the vision and concept behind The HUB at La Plata? 

Q: How long will it take for The HUB to be built?

Q: What will the project impact be on schools?

Q: What will the impact be on EMS, regional security, public safety, and law enforcement?

Q: How will The HUB affect the town or county’s tax base and the regional economy?

Q: What will the projected water usage be and what will be the current and future impacts on the aquifer and the town’s water availability and on the town’s waste-water infrastructure and plant?

Q: What will the developer’s responsibility be to expanding and improving the area’s transportation network?

Q: How will you address the environmental impacts this development will bring?

Q: How will the town pay for the range of public services that will be required?

Q: How will The HUB affect the town’s vision for the downtown revitalization, and growth-management policies? 

Q: Charles County already has traffic congestion, especially in Waldorf, and also in La Plata during peak hours. How will The HUB at La Plata affect the traffic flow and local congestion?

Q: Who are the land investors and what do they bring to the table?

Q: COVID-19 led to many people working at home or telecommuting. How does The HUB at La Plata address changes in how Americans will live and work in the future? 

Q: What plans do you have for recreational and open space and community venues?

Q: Won’t The HUB at La Plata affect the small-town feel and charm that people love so much?

Q: A focus of The HUB is healthy living. In what ways can a development such as The HUB help members of the community live healthier lives, engage more with the natural environment and outdoor spaces, and incorporate market demands such as the farm-to-table movement?