Highlights of the Project:

  • The HUB team will work to bring federal and other good-quality jobs to the area. This will create a better local job pool, which means less people will have to spend hours in traffic traveling to jobs.
  • This modern and attractive community will be a welcoming gateway for La Plata.
  • It can fulfill a complementary vision to how the town of La Plata evolves and meets the future needs and interests of business entrepreneurs, residents, where companies choose to locate, and local and regional growth-management plans.
  • In focusing on building a telecommunity, people can have flexible work options/hours and their qualities of life improve.
  • The community will integrate the best in design and planning, and assure open, green and natural features. (Studies show that open space is linked to both higher property values and quality of life.)
  • Keeping and attracting college-educated millennials, and a range of skilled workers in assorted trades, interested in working and staying in Charles County.
  • The HUB’s integrated design and engineering will ensure that all necessary infrastructure, including roads, utility lines and water and sewer-processing systems, will be in place prior to the development of each neighborhood.

We ask you to consider the aspects that improve quality of life and opportunities for the public and town – and the expertise and interest invested into this effort for many years now – and you will understand why this opportunity is unparalleled not just for La Plata, but for Southern Maryland too.

The HUB at La Plata has heart.