Jim Whitehead, Civil Engineer

Mr. Whitehead has more than 49 years of engineering and land surveying experience. This includes design, design supervision, construction phase services, and project management for a variety of road and utility engineering on large, urban and commercial projects. He has an extensive background in roadway design, stormwater management, storm drainage design, erosion and sediment control, water quality, and roadway and site planning. He serves as ATCS’s Office Manager for Maryland operations. ATCS provides a broad range of client services, from transportation planning and traffic engineering, to construction management and inspection, water resources and land development. Whitehead is also a DNR-qualified professional (Maryland Department of Natural Resources).

Whitehead’s input on the team included designing the needed spline (extension) road, which included stream crossings and a stream mitigation plan, and working closely with Mr. Keel at EnviroProjects, LLC.

“The HUB at La Plata is about bringing the federal workforce, the business community, and the town of La Plata together in the northwest quadrant of the town in a new project designed to have a strong sense of place and community that will be appealing to all. The project is meant to accommodate work space for federal employees and major employers to help address the number of people in Southern Maryland who must commute long hours to and from work.

The HUB at La Plata will be a mixed-use development that features housing, retail, recreational and commercial amenities as well. The philosophy behind The HUB at La Plata is providing a connected and compact community in a walkable and inviting setting. As a leading development, it is focused on planning that takes into account sustainability and environmentally sensitive factors.”