The HUB at La Plata begins in La Plata at U.S. 301 across from the Rosewick Shopping Center on Rosewick Road and ends across from Quailwood Parkway, adjoining land near the Hawthorne County Club.

Its maximum build out will be over the course of decades and potentially comprise about 5 million square feet.

The project will be served by an extension of Quailwood Parkway. The comprehensive plans of both the Town of La Plata and Charles County Government have this road in their transportation elements for future extension to U.S. 301.

The HUB at La Plata’s strategic building approach focuses incorporating various transportation modes – including for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians – that increase safety and access for the public and users. The HUB at La Plata is also being planned to support transit if needed and available.

Addressing Infrastructure at the Outset

This objective is especially important to note because The HUB at La Plata is based on forward-looking thinking and community planning that fosters connectivity.

All over America, developments are being built that bring together people, businesses, gathering and recreational spots, and appealing spaces. The stellar architecture, open and green space for public use, and higher-end jobs and worksites envisioned for The HUB at La Plata make it a premier project for 21st-century living and beyond.

The new extension has already been designed and platted, and eventually the right-of-way will be turned over to the county. It has received permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). Both of these are very thorough, expensive and lengthy processes that dictate a range of requirements, including restoration, and identifying and alleviating environmental impacts.

The HUB at La Plata team will also be providing details about how water and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) issues and concerns are going to be addressed. These points will be fleshed out with the town of La Plata in the annexation agreement.