Peter Tocco, Computer & Graphics Specialist

Mr. Tocco is a web and graphics specialist who began working on The HUB at La Plata project in 2008, producing many plans, diagrams, and web pages as The HUB was taking shape. He has more than 20 years of experience working for architects, planners, and federal agencies in the Washington, D.C. area, including NIH, DOD, Department of Labor, EPA, NASA, and Health Resources and Services Administration. He currently specializes in Drupal and other Content Management System (CMS) platforms.

“I am excited about The HUB because it combines many smart ideas into one large-scale package. The HUB builds community, enhances quality of life, and adds economic value for the entire Southern Maryland region. The HUB will particularly excel as a workspace for federal agencies, where telework is increasingly becoming the norm. Not just HUB residents, but all Southern Maryland residents, will benefit as total vehicle miles traveled decreases. People living in The HUB will spend more time and money in the county and town, and also have more flexibility in how they access resources and plan their days, including work, home, appointments, and leisure activities.”