Q: A focus of The HUB is healthy living. In what ways can a development such as The HUB help members of the community live healthier lives, engage more with the natural environment and outdoor spaces, and incorporate market demands such as the farm-to-table movement?

A: Most of the development that has happened in Charles County through the decades has been communities that are primarily residentially focused. People have to travel to several places to access what they need for daily living, including healthy food. 

The HUB will bring in revenue that adds to the town’s tax base but, also importantly, it will create stylish public venues, facilitate outdoor dining, encourage the healthy farm-to-table movement, provide the possibility for community gardens, and help residents get healthier through access to food grown in our region. 

According to foodrevolution.org, locally produced food is beneficial because:

  • small, local farms offer variety and seasonal items;
  • people can develop a connection with what they consume; 
  • local growers are generally committed to food that contains no or fewer pesticides; 
  • eating locally grown food reduces carbon emissions;
  • plant-based diets can help the human body and brain function better;
  • local food is a catalyst for people investing in, and connecting with, their communities; 
  • it can encourage children to learn more about growing and harvesting locally grown fruits and vegetables;
  • it supports the local economy and jobs; and
  • fresh food tastes better.