Q: How will you address the environmental impacts this development will bring?

A: There are state water-quality regulations and federal clean water laws, regarding natural resources such as wetlands, streams and other bodies of water, that affect local regions and development undertakings. There are also zoning/additional overlay protections and environmental mandates in the county and the state intended to lessen and address environmental impacts linked to development. The HUB at La Plata has already secured crucial Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) and Army Corps of Engineers permits dealing with stream-valley crossings and restoration, and it has adhered to rigorous and high-quality engineering and planning.

As described previously, the Principle-based design features of The HUB will minimize the project’s overall footprint, while consciously avoiding steep slopes, and other environmentally sensitive areas, and also preserving natural habitat and wildlife corridors. This will result in the greatest overall net reduction in environmental impacts, as documented through a number of studies.