Q: What are some key facts and data related to the project? (Note: We are providing projections here and this information is subject to change as the project progresses.)

A: Estimated Project Highlights:

— Acreage: Around 300

— Percentage of area preserved: Approximately 50%

— Projected space designations according to use:  

Pre-COVID-19 scenario: Retail: 96,460 square feet. Office: 512,600 square feet. Civic: 87,000 square feet. Institutional: 86,200 square feet.

Post-COVID-19 scenario: Retail: 147,200 square feet. Office: 276,000 square feet. Civic: 66,400 square feet. Institutional: 30,000 square feet.

— Number of neighborhoods: Three

— Estimated residential units:

Pre-COVID-19 scenario: 2,143 units

Post-COVID-19 scenario: 1,594 units

— Estimated number of residents and employers at build out:

Pre-COVID-19 scenario: 5,118 residents and 1,923 employees.

Post-COVID-19 scenario: 3,985 residents and 1,247 employees.

In general, these changes reflect a shift toward a lower-density, more traditional model of community development, based on localized employment, increasing the number of day-time workers in a WFH format, and thereby local consumer expenditures. This is reflected in the slight reduction in assumed office space, and slight increase in available retail space.