Q: What will the projected water usage be and what will be the current and future impacts on the aquifer and the town’s water availability and on the town’s waste-water infrastructure and plant?

A: The Town of La Plata, as a municipality, can provide details to the public and citizens regarding these particulars — however, here is some insight we can provide:

  • The HUB, by the nature of the design principles employed in its planning, will have significantly less impervious land area than a conventionally designed subdivision, and will also make full use of current state-of-the-art (best practices) strategies for storm-water management and water-quality impact.
  • These will include: ground water (aquifer) recharge facilities such as rain gardens, bio-swales, storm-water capture/reuse (cisterns), permeable surfaces where appropriate, etc., as well as low-flow fixtures, and possibly gray-water landscape watering to minimize inputs into the Town’s current waste-water treatment systems and overall water demands.