Q: COVID-19 led to many people working at home or telecommuting. How does The HUB at La Plata address changes in how Americans will live and work in the future?

A: The Principle-based design approach of The HUB actively promotes and supports WFH in several ways:

  • The first is by making it a convenient place from which to work, by making it walkable, transit-supportive and providing for daily needs conveniently nearby. By including those services which would help to support working from home, this will make The HUB an attractive and convenient place to do so.
  • The second is by designing the homes to make full-time work from home more comfortable and productive. This can include dedicated work space within the home, but also access to outside light and air, including safe and convenient access to nearby outdoor recreational amenities to help break up the monotony of working from home, and by providing home gardens and kitchens designed to support the nutritional needs of a work-from-home family.
  • Finally, the neighborhood structure of the community allows for convenient access to work-related goods and services, while providing a local hub for socializing and networking with other WFH residents. The HUB will create a comfortable, vibrant and safe local setting where people know many of their neighbors.