Q: Won’t The HUB at La Plata affect the small-town feel and charm that people love so much?

A: A key takeaway on the strength of mixed-use developments is that they are carefully planned to strike a balance between existing neighborhoods and what is proposed for future development in an area. By fillIng in a gap, in this case in the Northwest Quadrant of La Plata, The HUB will, through annexation, link disparate land parcels to the town. 

By more people working locally, The HUB will also allow people to spend more time and money in downtown La Plata — versus in other communities many miles away. 

Sometimes development can appear to be forced, meaning it does not seem to fit in with what’s around it. But a key objective for The HUB is finding that synergy and creating a balance and harmony between what’s around it and what kind of growth is slated for the future.

The mixed-use model is actually a re-emergence of the way successful American towns and cities once came together and functioned long before sprawl took over. Despite The HUB at La Plata being a new community, Traditional Planning Principles will provide the foundation needed to respect and reflect the history, charm and unique attributes of this area.

Mixed-use developments include expanded transportation networks, interwoven street and pedestrian systems, reliable infrastructure and eye-catching buildings. They comprise places where people can work, live, experience the outdoors, interact with others, access amenities, and support nearby downtown businesses.