The HUB Addresses 8 Factors:

  1. Accessing available broadband to make it possible for people to live, work, shop and socialize in the same development;
  2. Building a community that supports the goals of redeveloping downtown La Plata and is not in conflict with the town’s revitalization objectives and plans to support growth in this part of the county;
  3. Attracting government agencies, other major employers, and those in the private sector who can/want to locate employees in La Plata;
  4. Bringing in better jobs and employers so fewer people will have to commute out of the area;
  5. Creating a continuum of connectivity in the La Plata area and linking the northwest region of La Plata and the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), with the rest of the town and surrounding areas;
  6. Helping boost the town’s tax base and serving as a catalyst for more synergy and interactions between businesses and people;
  7. Stemming the exodus of young people who leave Charles County to get a higher education and do not return because we do not have the kinds of communities they want to work or live in; and
  8. Providing a generational community -– meaning it has amenities that appeal to single people, young families, couples, middle-aged residents, and retirees –- with lots of open space.

We believe that The HUB at La Plata meets these goals as well as other emerging trends, including what homeowners and employees say they want in planning developments, more streamlined living, access and locations, and taking into account the priorities of younger generations.

The proposed HUB at La Plata — which will be located near the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) — is planned to fit in with the characteristics of the area, while creating a connected community with residential options, job sites, open space, and retail and commercial buildings.