The HUB at La Plata seeks to address the varying elements business-people, residents and taxpayers say they want in their communities today.

These include:

  • a place for people of all ages;
  • access to the best in technology;
  • best practices in stormwater management (in Maryland, this is known as Environmental Site Design or ESD);
  • encouraging a friendly atmosphere that is good for businesses’ bottom lines;
  • good jobs and businesses seeking to locate their employees in La Plata;
  • greener living;
  • healthy lifestyles;
  • navigability and a better transportation network;
  • proximity;
  • reverse traffic flow from less drivers heading into D.C. (statistics show Charles County residents are among thousands of people who leave Southern Maryland daily to head to jobs in the D.C. area);
  • robust business opportunities in the industrial and more-profitable commercial sectors;
  • telecommuting; and
  • various housing choices.

06.07.17_N4 Planning PrinciplesThe HUB at La Plata is based on the concept that building on rural land does not have to usher in a contrasting and sprawling metropolis that changes regions too much. We know that with the right kind of thinking and creativity, well-planned towns can foster vibrant “hubs” and population centers that become a part of the rural brand and fabric of the areas where they are situated.

Think of interesting college towns. Consider communities with multimodal transportation choices. Look at developments with undisturbed natural assets, and restaurants and flourishing businesses that mesh with the local landscape and building that has already occurred. Think of quaint shopping and tourism destinations, and places where people can start the next chapter of their lives, or spend their time and money.